Producing the Best-in-Class Non-Ferrous Metal Products

Right from handling raw materials to processed materials,  GQ FORGE  has the capabilities and expertise to optimize your metal handling right from the point of arrival at our plant to dispatch. Backed by high-tech engineered systems, we ensure that all processes that take place during the production process are optimized for the best results.

We specialize in the production of non-ferrous metals like brass, bronze, aluminium and copper alloys. All these materials are widely used in multiple industries – from Automotive manufacturing, high-tech goods to construction and manufacturing as per advanced specifications. Our expertise in the production of corrosion resistance and high strength to weight ratio of all the alloys and products we deliver is appreciated by our clients every day.

At our production plant, we meet all the demands of international standards and streamline our production to bring you the best quality products within the stipulated time.

Contact us for a seamless production of your non-ferrous metal requirements!