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Key Features

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Non-Ferrous Metal Specialists

GQ FORGE specializes in manufacturing of various  non-ferrous Engineering metal products like BRASS, ALUMINIUM, BRONZE and COPPER.

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Forging Frontrunners

We offer non-ferrous metal forging expertise to help you build  better products at competitive prices.

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Casting Experts

We offer casting solutions for products that are compact in design, robust in construction and used in diverse industry solutions.

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India’s Leading Manufacturers

We’re one of the most trusted and reputed mid-scale metal casting and forging company. Effective management, time budget and schedule is are core forte.

Welcome to GQ FORGE

As a fully-integrated ISO 9001:2015 certified, manufacturing service provider, GQ FORGE supplies non-ferrous castings and forgings products with in India and the rest of the world. Right from the initial stages of application engineering and design to manufacturing high-quality products in our facility, we offer end-to-end manufacturing services at competitive prices with precision and accuracy.

Our highly technical and advanced professional team can tailor the product to suit your individual requirements, whether you’d like standard or custom-engineered products.

We specialize in non-ferrous metals, casting and forging. Our robust construction techniques and technology, easy installation support, dimensional accuracy and various quality processes which we adppt make us the preferred suppliers of forging and casting components.

Over the last 8 years, we’ve changed our manufacturing processes and embraced new technologies to align with the constantly evolving customer needs. Today, we can supply foundry and forged products from many different alloys and top non-ferrous materials.



  • Advanced technology, latest equipment, professional service backed up robust project plan
  • Top-notch infrastructure with in-house tool room, foundry, forge shop, testing, and supporting facilities enables us to provide one-stop-shop
  • Producing castings which demand various complexities at competitive price points
  • A highly institutionalized and standardized quality control system to ensure world-class quality and adherence to dimensional tolerances
  • Designing specific material composition and mechanical specifications for the best casting and forging for your business

Product Development Lifecycle at GQ FORGE


When we receive a requirement from our client, the team conducts a detailed study to gauge the possibilities and derive smart solutions. At GQ FORGE, our approach is unique because we begin every project by thinking about the end result!

Design Engineering & Product Development

By being involved in the early stages of design, our engineers offer recommendations for product improvement even in the most complex design challenges, thus pushing the boundaries of product innovation.

Order/Batch Planning

Once the design is ready, our team plans the order and batch at the best possible price and best timelines. The choice of technique, planning, batch scheduling is done beforehand to ensure a smooth production.

Forging and Casting

Our in-house competencies for forging and casting ensure the most smooth and efficient manufacturing flow through the forge shop. We also ensure reduced lead time with creative domestic material sourcing and using smart tool and die capabilities.

Quality Testing

We follow stringent quality standards and conduct many inspections including physical testing for hardness, yield, tensile and more to ensure optimum performance of the final product application. No product leaves our foundry unless it passes all the quality checks.

Packaging and Logistic Integration for Seamless Delivery

We pack and ship all products with care so that you receive your shipment in the perfect quality and at the right time. Our integration with logistics also helps you get your new product speed-to-market.

Project Spread

We’re driving core inspiration from the nationwide Aatma Nirbhar initiative by the Government of India to cater to local Indian businesses, which also means a reduction in imports and increase in exports. As Indian-based global players in the industry, this initiative has further boosted our confidence to excel in our field and export our state-of-the-art metal products even more.

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