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Code of Conduct

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect while creating an environment wherein success is a reflection of character, ability, and results put togethe
  • Manufacture highest-quality castings and forgings while maintaining highest standards of safety, cleanliness, and hygiene in the industry, focusing on being responsible environmental citizens
  • Deliver the best customer service and continuing the tradition of building strong and long-term customer-vendor relationships
  • Maintain a robust financial base and ensuring profitable returns to stakeholders
  • Cast a solid future based on the history of innovation and quality
  • Follow sustainable business practices and explore ways to do more for our environment and our community


Q. How can I procure products from India?

You simply need to send us your requirements. Since each product requires different procedures, we will be able to serve you better by understanding your exact requirements.

Q. How do I know that I am getting the right quality?

We have a defined structure of ensuring that you get the desired quality. Facilities for third party testing of all products are also available. All non-ferrous metal casting and forging products can be tested for composition, tolerances, dimensions and any other specific requirements that you may have. All products are manufactured under stringent quality control procedures. Test certificates can be provided for all the products.

Q. Do I have to pay any charges upfront?

We don’t charge anything upfront. We believe in customer satisfaction that would lead to repeat business and references.

Depending on the category of the product, there will some expenditure on developing tools and gauges that would have to be covered at the time of sample development. However, this stage comes quite late in the product lifecycle of the non-ferrous metal casting and forging and we also have a policy to refund this over the first few supplies.

Q. Can you provide any references about your performance?

Yes, certainly, we can provide references. However, since we service customers from a wide variety of industries, it would be appropriate to speak to somebody from your line of business.

Please send us an email at to explain the category of products that you wish to source and we will revert with the details of companies that you can speak to.

Q. Which countries do you deal with?

Currently, we are dealing with most of the Western European countries such as Holland, U.K., Belgium and France. We are also dealing with U.A.E. and Oman in Middle East Asia.

Geographical barriers do not bind us and we can service any country in the world from India. Naturally, the cost savings are more for the developed economies for outsourcing castings and forgings custom-engineered products from India.